Live Performance
Alone or with Pars Radio, Roshi is a regular and welcome live performer. She has performed at some of London's most interesting venues but also further afield, including a number of prestigious art spaces in Europe and New York
Roshi is unpretentious, compulsive and potentially popular in appeal. Today, some small pub in Islington; tomorrow, perhaps a staple of the Radio 1 playlist...
Camden New Journal
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'The interesting song shapes, reminded me a little of Cage's song settings of Finnegan's Wake in the way that I never know which note is coming next but it's never a wrong one.'
David Cunningham
Live Links

Oosh Badaam Ber Goz Single Launch, Servant Jazz Quarters Dalston, with Spaceheads - September 2014
Kuwaiti Breakfast Television May 2014
National Maritime Museum, Kuwait, as part of International Museums Day, May 2014
With David Thomas at the Coach House November 2013
With David Thomas at the Coach House November 2013
3 Almonds And A Walnut Album Launch, July 2013
Live Score to 'Amarilly Of Clothes Line Alley', Purcell Room, March 2012. Commissioned by Birds Eye View as part of Sounds & Silents. 
At Papa Cookie Potluck New York, April 2011 with Amy Kohn
At Mehreghan EP launch, Cecil Sharp House, March 2011
At Scaledown July 2010
At the legendary (and very much missed) Foundry, March 2010
At Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn with Amy Kohn September 2009
At Joe's Pub in Manhattan with Amy Kohn September 2009
At Recluse at the Flea Pit, London April 2007
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